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The Air Above Us

A Collaborative Community Art Project by Lori Hepner


The air above us is something that invisibly unites us across communities and regions. This can be thought of as the air we breathe, the sky ablaze with pink clouds in a sunset, the particles of pollution that float invisible and unwanted, a place for universal daydreaming, or a canvas for wishes upon the stars.
What’s in the Air Above You?


Augmented (AR) light paintings made with the community are hidden throughout Carrie Furnace. The flags are the key to where to point the app to see what is hidden in the Air Above Us.

Download the (free) ARTIVIVE  Augmented Reality app for iOS or Android to your mobile device before walking around Carrie Furnace with it.  *
WIFI Network:  ros guest
WIFI Password:  Hom3st3ad

*To listen to accessible audio descriptions of the work, use the Artivive app on your mobile device with headphones where you will hear the audio automatically when the AR is activated.

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