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About Intersection*ology

Intersection*ology explores where gender, power, and technology converge to grapple with the disparate ways in which women are displaced, abandoned, and rendered invisible using live performance and audience interactivity through light, sound, image, and personal movement to situate memories of the feminine past and corporeality in the natural world into new, technologically mediated locations and spaces.

Intersection*ology seeks to address the oppression of all women in our current political climate. However, we are particularly interested in what the digital realm might enable for Black and other marginalized women in our region and beyond in terms of amplifying their voices, making room for them in spaces from which they are often excluded, including mainstream feminist and women’s movements, and tending to their intersectional concerns (i.e. class, socio-economic status, nationality, etc). 

Intersection*ology will interrogate the means by which women might engage and mobilize around their commonalities and differences in real time through audience participation and interaction with us, each other, and the technology present on stage.  This is especially useful in a region where technology is doing so much to change the lives for some segments of the population, while others are being left behind. Intersection*ology puts the power of technology in the hands of the marginalized and forgotten voices.

Intersection*ology is a collaboration between Lori Hepner, Kendra Ross, and Tereneh Idia.

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