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#Crowdsourced Landscapes, 2014/2015

I have been thinking about the experiences of future climate change, our perception of the future landscape, and how we imagine our own landscapes changing from our memories of them over the course of our lifetimes. The threat of climate change and the future shifts that it will cause to the physical landscape will cause adaptations to our recollections of our personally meaningful landscapes. This work is about a specific place: the Arctic.

I began developing this body of work while in residence in Finland over 4.5 months during the summer and fall of 2014 with a second trip added for summer 2015. A desire to experience a place that will change over the course of my lifetime drew me to Finland, the first of the Arctic landscapes that I have created in this style of work. Through silent hikes, sauna sessions, and personal conversations on and in local landscapes, I was shown places on the precipice of change. These landscapes are the future memories of a warming globe.

The work is a series of experimental landscapes generated by LEDs that “play” the landscape images over time while I re-photograph them in a different place: my studio. A 6’ column of LEDs re-visualizes my landscape images and allows me to move the LEDs fluidly over long exposures in front of a static camera to freeze traces of the world in new relationships to themselves, as if from a future memory. 

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