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Excursionary Auras, in Situ

My work challenges myself to experience places outside of my comfort zone that are on the verge of dramatic change by pushing my physical and mental limits. Excursionary Auras, in Situ specifically explores Arctic landscapes that are threatened by climate change. I stretch the medium of photography through the performance of light painting, an action that allows me to visualize my physical experiences of a place within a new atmosphere and structural geometry. 

Performing these experienced environments in a new context and architecture forces a question of my ownership of that memory and helps share my story with the viewer. In the dark, I perform a series of bodily gestures and sun salutations while holding LEDs, across which play photographs of hikes around Iceland’s Westfjords region, the Finnish Archipelago in the Baltic Sea, and the triple Arctic border of Norway, Sweden, and Finland near Kilpisjärvi. The resulting long exposure photographs are evidence of both the original landscape as well as my subjective story of these places, joined through a presentation that is both digital and physical.


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